“Can any man think that … I should thank him for calling me ‘reverend author’ or ‘reverend doctor,’ or be troubled for his not using these expressions? Can the mind of an honest man be thought to be conversant with such mean and low thoughts? For the title of ‘reverend,’ I do give him notice that I have very little valued it ever since I have considered the saying of Luther, ‘Nunquam periclitatur religio nisi inter reverendissimos;’ so that he may, as to me, forbear it for the future, and call me as the Quakers do, and it shall suffice. And for that of ‘doctor,’ it was conferred on me by the university in my absence, and against my consent, as they have expressed it under their public seal, nor doth any thing but gratitude and respect unto them make me once own it; and freed from that obligation, I should never use it more, nor did I use it until some were offended with me, and blamed me for my neglect of them” [Owen, Works, 13: 302].


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